100% Sustainability – From Paddy to Plate

As a Riso Gallo customer, you can be confident that part of the reason that our rice tastes so great is that sustainability is inbuilt in every part of the supply chain. And you don’t need to take our word for it, because we’re regularly assessed against stringent FSA (Farm Sustainability Assessment) standards – which include, but aren’t limited to, the following compliance criteria:

• Fair Business Practices
• Taxation
• Human Rights & Ethics
• Land Use & Property Rights
• Community Impact
• Animal Welfare
• Labour Rights
• Biodiversity & Deforestation
• Air pollution
• Environment & Waste

Therefore, if you’re an ethical purchaser (as many of our customers are), you can rest assured than none of our products will ever leave anything but a positive aftertaste.

FSA Certifications

• Riso Gallo Premium Carnaroli, Arborio and Traditional come from FSA verified sources

• Riso Gallo Premium Carnaroli, Arborio and Traditional are produced at FSA Silver level

These facts are confirmed by FSA Verification Report No. 867567.

Find out more about the FSA here.