Food Service

Food Service – Riso Gallo has a complete range for the catering industry in formats that are ideal for meeting the needs of professionals in the field. As a result of new market demands, Riso Gallo has divided its sales in a number of different channels: the Food Service is devoted to professionals in the hotel, restaurant and catering industry and is managed very professionally by highly specialised experts in the field who guarantee that consumers receive an exclusive service.Riso Gallo’s entire experience is made available to its partners as a guarantee of quality: products, services, and special packaging are designed with the maximum care and attention to meet the needs of our chefs.


A product specifically designed for the catering industry

Riso Gallo combines artisan passion with cutting-edge technology to produce a superior quality rice. Husking is still done using a traditional stone system and Hamburg whiteners dating back to 1898. This process rubs the grain of rice very delicately to keep its properties intact and guarantees better performance when cooked and cooked twice.


Another level of service

Riso Gallo not only sells products, it wants to share its experience and the culture of rice by offering those who work in the catering industry solutions that improve life in the kitchen. Riso Gallo is every chef’s personal chef!


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