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Risotto with cheese and pepper

What you need

  • [   ] 320 g Riserva 1856 Carnaroli rice
  • [   ] 300 g pecorino romano
  • [   ] grated
  • [   ] 100 g pork cheek
  • [   ] cut into thin strips
  • [   ] 80 g di butter
  • [   ] clarified
  • [   ] 40 g di black pepper
  • [   ] ground
  • [   ] 500 ml boiling hot vegetable stock

Proposed by: Antonello Colonna


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How to prepare:

Risotto with cheese and pepper cook the pork cheek in a non-stick pan until crispy.
Heat the butter in a heavy-based pan and stir in the rice, coating it and cook until it starts to colour.
Continue to cook by gradually adding the stock. When three-quarters cooked, add 15 g finely ground pepper.
When the risotto is cooked ‘al dente’, remove from the heat and beat in the pecorino a little at a time and the remaining pepper until it is creamy.
If necessary add a little stock.
Serve the risotto on warm plates, sprinkled with coarsely ground peppercorns and garnish with the crispy pork cheek.
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