Roasted Grain Salad With Beetroot, Orange and Tahini Yoghurt

Beetroot and orange salad

What do you need

  • [   ] 150g 3 Grain Mix
  • [   ] 300g cooked beetroots (not in vinegar)
  • [   ] cut into wedges
  • [   ] 4 medium oranges - peeled and cut into 1/2cm thick slices
  • [   ] 2tb tahini paste
  • [   ] 75ml natural yoghurt
  • [   ] 1 bunch watercress stalks trimmed
  • [   ] 75g feta cheese crumbled
  • [   ] 1 tb olive oil
  • [   ] 1tb cumin seeds

Proposed by: Paul Gayler


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How to prepare:

Cook the 3 grains mix following the packet cooking instructions, then drain well in a colander.
Heat a large non-stick frying pan with the oil. When hot, add the cooked grains and cumin seeds and stir fry until golden and toasted, remove to a bowl and allow to cool.
For the dressing, in a bowl mix the tahini paste with the yoghurt, and season to taste.
To serve, arrange a bed of the watercress on a serving plate.
Arrange the beetroot wedges and orange slices over the leaves.
Drizzle some tahini dressing over the beetroots, scatter over the roasted grains, finally scatter over the crumbled feta and serve.

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