Chef JJ from Hame

‘JJ has been introduced to cooking by his grandmother at the age of 7, while making Christmas cookies for the family. This passion has stayed with him for years to come, while he developed his craft by working around the world, learning from high level chefs.
He started his professional cooking career by doing a chef’s training course at Royal Air Force in 2003. After gaining his qualificiation, he continued working for various restaurants in the UK to develop their menus, before starting a journey as a private chef.
He established his brand – The Migrating Chef in 2015, combining his biggest passion for cooking and travelling for the next 7 years.  During that period, he worked in luxury villas around Europe, private ski chalets in the alps in the winter and superyachts during the summer months. His extreme dedication and passion for fine dining allowed him to work for some of the most influencial figures in the world.
Following serious health issues, JJ has re-evaluated his relationship with food and has recently taken over management of a small hotel on the Isle of Skye with his partner. He is focusing his creativity on developing a small plate menu that represents his journey as a chef and inspirations he gathered while travelling around the globe.’

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