Here at Gallo we’re privileged to have the opportunity to work with great Chefs around the world, showcasing our product, creating wonderful fine dining dishes and drawing on years of experience and creativity to present new and exciting ways to use our grains.

As a well respected and proud family firm we are always delighted to work with other, like-minded professionals who have a great respect for their ingredients and a passion for what they do.

So we’re very excited to expand our family a little more by engaging with some fantastic Chefs here in the UK who have chosen to work alongside us as we develop our Foodservice range, specifically created to support professional Chefs on the Pass.

Find out more about the Chefs Collective visit us on Linkedin

Gallo Food Solutions

we provide a solution to the needs of any Food / Catering business

Under the working title of Grab your Grains, we’re keen to promote the ease and speed of preparation and the versatility of the product, and are so pleased these talented Chefs are putting their thoughts into action, cooking up a storm and showing what’s possible in a fast-paced professional environment.

We’re here to support each other as we move back to full service and a more normal way of life, and sincerely hope our quick cook range will play a small part in that.


We’ve selected Chefs with huge experience and a real understanding of what makes a professional kitchen tick to explore and develop our new Foodservice range. The opportunity to work with these fine HORECA Chefs, experienced professionals with a real understanding of what makes a fast-moving kitchen ‘tick’.

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