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Riso Gallo is the first international brand in the sector to have undertaken the production of rice from sustainable agriculture, making their premium best-selling risotto rices – Gallo Traditional Risotto, Arborio and Carnaroli – fully Sustainable.


Control union

All of these products come from FSA verified sources, where FSA means et la SAI « Sustainable Agriculture Initiative », plateforme réunissant plus de 100 entreprises et organisations à la pointe de l’agriculture durable dans le monde. Les performances en termes de développement durable sont également vérifiées par un organisme indépendant : Control Union (, avec des exigences très élevées.”>Farm Sustainability Assessment”   a comprehensive approach to farm sustainability managed by SAI Platform (Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform), a platform bringing together over 100 member companies and organisations leading the way in sustainable agriculture worldwide. The sustainability performances have been validated by a top independent auditor, Control Union.

The Gallo Risotto Traditional, Carnaroli and  Arborio are now in packs using FSC certified cardboard outer to protect the grains.


Riso Gallo announced that in a three-year period, they achieved:

• A reduction by 17% of total energy consumption per kg of paddy rice processed
• A reduction of 11.5% of CO2 emissions per kg of paddy rice processed, related to the consumption of methane and electricity. Since 2016 electricity has been from 100% renewable sources.
• A reduction of 24% in total waste per quintal of rice processed
• A significant reduction on cardboard consumption on the key Riso Gallo ranges.


The company communicates directly on the issues of development production and cultivation with prestigious universities and research institutes and with the agricultural world. The awareness of the industrial impact on natural resources is inherent in the DNA of Riso Gallo and has always manifested itself in concrete actions, starting from the decision to use almost exclusively paddy rice of Italian origin (even for the Venere Black and Red Rice, 100% from verified Italian supply chain), thus supporting the economy of the farmers and local communities and thus reducing the environmental impact deriving from the transport of raw materials.

In this direction, Riso Gallo has also adopted various practices: from monitoring the carbon footprint of the entire supply chain, conducted in partnership with the University of Milan, which is entrusted with a  Life-Cycle Assessment study – repeated over the years – which aims to reduce greenhouse gases; to the good practice of sowing flowers on the embankments to attract pollinating insects to with the aim of enhancing the biodiversity of the rice paddy ecosystem; lastly, not in order of importance, to the use of 100% of energy from renewable sources, together with the constant effort to improve the materials that are used for packaging, as evidenced by the progressive use of FSC certified cardboard and the commitment to switch to plastics that are suitable for recycling for inside protection, concrete signs of sensitivity to environmental issues.



What does GALLO really mean?

G. Guaranteed – Sustainable

100% of our sustainable rice has been produced at FSA Silver level or higher. Our suppliers can demonstrate this through FSA Silver Level Equivalence, demonstrating that they are highly aligned with SAI Platforms Farm Sustainability Assessment, as certified by an independent external auditor.

A. Authentic – Premium Quality

Riso Gallo guarantees the origin of the rice, the traditional slow process using stone husking and whitening machines that allow a more gentle abrasion and a careful, grain by grain selection using optical sorters.

L. Local – 100% Italian

All our sustainable rice has been cultivated in 2019 exclusively in 14 selected farms around Robbio, in the hearth of Lomellina ricelands of Northern Italy, where Gallo has its HQ.

L. Low Impact – Certified Cartons

We use only FSC certified cartons and plastic packaging that is suitable for recycling.

O. Original – No.1 in Italy

Riso Gallo is the Italian Maestro of Risotto since 1856. Our grains are ideal for classic risotto and many recipes.


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