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What do you need

  • [   ] • 320 g of Riso Gallo Risotto rice
  • [   ] 1 ltr stock
  • [   ] 2 red boiled beetroots
  • [   ] 1 chopped scallion for the ‘sofritto’
  • [   ] 50 g oil or butter for the ‘soffritto’
  • [   ] 1/2 glass of white wine
  • [   ] 50 g of grated parmesan cheese
  • [   ] 30 g of butter
  • [   ] Salt and pepper

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How to prepare:

In a pan, melt the butter or if you prefer oil then heat the oil. Add the chopped scallion and leave it cook gently for a few minutes.

Add the rice to the pan and toast it in the oil or butter then add the white wine. When all the wine has evaporated add the stock, a ladle at a time.

Whilst the rice is cooking, blend the boiled beetroot with a little salt and pepper in order to obtain a smooth but thick cream.

Halfway through cooking the rice, add the beetroot cream to the risotto and continue to cook everything, adding the stock, a little at a time until the rice is cooked.

Finally, turn off the heat and add a nob of butter and the grated parmesan cheese. Serve hot


This risotto can also be thickened up with a rich cheese, like gorgonzola or mascarpone. All you need to do is add the cheese when the risotto is cooked, before adding the butter and parmesan.

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