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Risotto with fresh broad beans and red mullet fillets in a red wine sauce

What do you need

  • [   ] 300 g Riserva 1856 Carnaroli rice
  • [   ] 200 g fresh broad beans
  • [   ] 2 new season onions
  • [   ] 1 carrot
  • [   ] 1 celery stick
  • [   ] 1 small leek
  • [   ] 1 bay leaf
  • [   ] small sprigs thyme
  • [   ] 2 garlic cloves
  • [   ] 4 red mullet
  • [   ] ½ bottle red wine (Barbera d'Asti)
  • [   ] 1 litre boiling hot vegetable stock
  • [   ] extra virgin olive oil
  • [   ] 4 fresh mint leaves

Proposed by: Walter Ferretto


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How to prepare:

Risotto with fresh broad beans and red mullet fillets in a red wine sauce: fillet the red mullet to obtain 8 fillets. Cut the leek, carrot and celery into thin strips and cook gently in the butter with a little thyme, salt and pepper. Use this mixture to stuff the fish, sandwiching them together in pairs. Use two strips of leek blanched in boiling water to tie them together. Keep somewhere warm.


Meanwhile, heat a little butter and cook the fish bones and heads until brown, adding ½ carrot and ½ celery stick finely chopped together, 1 new season onion and the sprigs of thyme. Brown everything well, then add the red wine. Bring to the boil and reduce by half. Filter the sauce through a sieve and add the chilled butter a little at a time to make it creamy. Season and keep warm.

Blanch the fresh broad beans in salted boiling water for a few minutes, cool and remove their skins. Heat the butter in a saucepan and add ½ a new season onion, finely chopped. Add the beans and cook quickly over a high heat. Set aside. Melt a little butter in a saucepan, add ½ a new season onion, finely chopped and the risotto. Stir until well coated and beginning to change colour.


Then add the hot stock and continue cooking. After 12′, add the cooked broad beans and continue cooking over a gentle heat for another 3′. Adjust seasoning and beat to a creamy consistency with the cold butter and the finely chopped mint leaves. Place the lid on and remove from the heat. Meanwhile, quickly cook the red mullet in a frying pan over a high heat for 1′.


Divide the risotto between 4 plates, arrange the red mullet in the centre and pour the red wine sauce over it.

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