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Risotto with wild spinach, butternut squash and amaretto cooky

What you need

  • [   ] 320 g Riserva 1856 Carnaroli rice
  • [   ] 4 scallions finely chopped
  • [   ] 3 tbsp. unsalted butter
  • [   ] 1 tbsp. olive oil
  • [   ] 1 l good chicken broth
  • [   ] 3 tbsp. parmigiano-reggiano Parmesan
  • [   ] grated
  • [   ] 250 g butternut squash diced
  • [   ] 3 bunches wild spinach
  • [   ] 4 amaretto cookies
  • [   ] a pinch of with pepper freshly ground

Proposed by: Odette Fada


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How to prepare:

Cook scallions in oil until transparent, add the rice, toast it for two minutes mixing it.
Pour in two cups of broth. In a sauté pun roast the diced butternut squash until tender, season it with pepper and take it off the fire.
Cut the bigger leaves of spinach in fine julienne keeping the hearts for garnish.
Cook rice for 14 minutes adding more broth and always stirring it.
Add the squash to the risotto. Take the risotto off the fire, mix spinach, butter and cheese, and at the very end the amaretto cookies in crumb.
Pour the risotto still ‘all’onda’ on the plates and garnish it some diced squash previously sauteed in butter and the hearts of spinach deep fried until transparent.
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